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All of Us Are Dead Korean zombie series, Watch

Ground Report | New Delhi: All of Us Are Dead Korean zombie series; All of Us Are Dead is the latest South Korean series on the Netflix streaming service. With the main theme of zombies, there are many netizens who wonder what is the difference of this series with respect to the previous zombie movie or series.

“There are a lot of zombie stories out there that focus primarily on adults as they deal with zombie outbreaks. But (All of Us Are Dead) is a bit unique. This is happening in limited areas, schools, and taking on immature students,” director Lee JQ said.

All of Us Are Dead Korean zombie series

“I think the story will be very interesting and curious about the decisions students make. I think it could bring a new meaning to the zombie genre,” he said.

Actor Lim Jae Hyuk also explained that the All of Us Are Dead story is very different from the zombie story in general. “It’s a story that happens at school, so what we have (as weapons) is school equipment, tables or chairs,” Lim Jae Hyuk explained.

Also, although he talks about the plague at school, the series is very close to anyone who sees it. “I think what makes All of Us Are Dead is not just about entertainment, but also seeing about viruses connecting with all of us, especially in the current situation,” said Yoo In-soo.

Yoo In also recounted the many action scenes he did in the series. Along with Lomon and Yoon Chan Young, the three of them did special training for some action scenes.

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