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Aditya Chopra steals the Netflix’s docu-series 'The Romantics'

Netflix’s new four-part doc series is out, and it follows the rise and rise of Yash Raj Films. Yes, they interview Aditya Chopra also.

By Ground report
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poster of netflix docu series The Romantics with Aditya Chopra

Netflix’s new four-part doc series is out, and it follows the rise and rise of Yash Raj Films. Yes, they interview Aditya Chopra also. Yash Raj films a.k.a. YRF is the biggest production house in the country. The studio is particularly has been associated with romantics movies, that’s exactly what the docu-series also follows. But, there is more. Once you see the series, you realise how the production company has been part of some remarkable, contours-changing cinema.

Being a movie-geek, I have followed the rise of YRF, one of the only production house which does everything on their own. From production, music, VFX, distribution, everything. Read more about them, you’d know what I mean.

But, the surprise that everyone was waiting for was the Aditya Chopra interview. He has always been a mystery. A myth to say the least. But, here you see him. Listen to him talk about his journey as a director, and chairman of YRF. He is the elder son of film director late Yash Chopra. He is the writer-director DDLJ. His first film. And, later Mohabbatein, and then Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. Later, he wrote and directed Befire, also. He would like to forget, like us. There are other writing credits. You can research. I had seen other interviews talking about him, and been fascinated by the personality people said he was. He indeed was someone I would want to listen. There is a sense of realisation in his thoughts. An acute sense of self-awareness. I hope, that reflects in his decisions, and he doesn’t give us formula-masala movies. 

I will let you enjoy his thoughts better in the series, and telling them here.

About Netflix's documentary-series 

The documentary is produced by YRF Entertainment and is directed by Smirti Mundhra. Smriti Mundhra is known to have directed another Netflix docu-series called Indian Matchmaking. That documentary explores how Indians get married, and what they look for in each other before they get married. 

That’s a good look inside the elite circle of class, prejudices, and stereotypes. I am being nice when I use those words. But, I was pretty alright with the Indian Matchmaking documentary. Though, this one was very nicely edited and compiled together. The inside footage from the YRF library and behind-the-scenes were really interesting to look at.

They interviewed almost 35 people, which may be a record in itself. But, that became sort of a letdown, as a lot of stars don’t occupy enough screen time. 


YRF’s 50 year celebration hasn’t been as good as they thought. Most of their film boombed at the box office, apart from the atleast Shahrukh’s Pathaan. I think, Pathaan’s box office success would rejubvnuet the drought which YRF witnessed at the box office.

Although their less-talked about films like Shudh Desi Romance, or Meri Pyaari Bindu, or Detective Byomskey Bakshi, and more, worked so well for me. 

I think, YRF has such potential to unleash India to the world. Maybe, there would be a film from YRF which we can be proud. That’s what the Chairman Aditya Chopra also thinks.


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