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‘Adani’ name removed from Mangaluru International Airport

Ground Report | New Delhi: Adani’ name removed from Mangaluru; After months of protests, the tag of ‘Adani Airport’ has finally been removed from the name of Mangaluru International Airport.

The name board, which was there before the control of this airport went to the Adani Group, has been put back.

Social activist Dilraj Alva, who raised the issue, told reporters on Saturday that the Adani group had added the word ‘Adani Airport’ to its name after taking over the responsibility of the airport’s functioning.

However, when the information was sought under the Right to Information Act, it was found that there was no provision regarding change of name in the contract for operation and maintenance of the airport.

After this, the Airport Authority of India and the Director of Mangaluru International Airport were given a legal notice in this regard and the question was asked about adding ‘Adani’ tag in the name of the airport.

The result of this legal battle was that on Friday, the name of Mangaluru International Airport was changed as before.

Dilraj Alva told that he has made changes on both the Facebook and Twitter accounts of Mangaluru airport.

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Later, social activists and the Airport Employees Association had filed a petition in the Karnataka High Court in February 2021, challenging the central government’s decision to hand over the Mangaluru airport to Adani Enterprises Ltd, stating that the airports Privatization is illegal, arbitrary and beyond.

Scope of the Airports Authority Act, 1994. The petition, filed by the Airport Authority Employees’ Union at Mangaluru airport, states that handing over the airport is not only “without authority of law but also has a huge impact on the public. A large number of employees.” The Karnataka High Court in this petition said The order was reserved.

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