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Home » About one billion people worldwide face hunger

About one billion people worldwide face hunger

About one billion people worldwide face hunger

Ground Report | New Delhi: people worldwide face hunger; The index was released this year by Welthungerhilfe, a German non-governmental organization working to eradicate global hunger, more than 811 million people worldwide are currently suffering from hunger. For forty-one million of them, the situation could soon become critical.

people worldwide face hunger

Mathias Mogge, secretary-general of World Hunger Help, released his organization’s World Hunger Index 2021 in the German capital, Berlin, on Thursday, October 14, saying that the world’s hunger had declined in recent years but was now intensifying. Is going

“By 2020, there will be 811 million people on Earth who will face permanent hunger and malnutrition,” said Mathias Mogge. He called on the international community, especially politicians in rich and developed countries, to Take effective measures to overcome food shortages caused by various crises.

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Speaking on the occasion, Marlihan Thimey, President of World Hunger Help, said that the problem of hunger facing humanity has intensified due to international armed conflicts, various crises and wars. According to him, in 2019, about 690 million people around the world did not get enough to eat, but last year this number increased to 811 million.

‘Hunger is a form of murder’

Speaking at the launch of the World Hunger Index in Berlin this year, Gerd Mولller, the German Federal Minister for Development Aid from the Christian Social Union, a German political party, said the current state of hunger on the planet was worrying and Immediate action must be taken.

According to this year’s index, 155 million people worldwide faced extreme food insecurity last year, about 20 million more than in 2019.

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The most affected regions

According to this annual World Hunger Help Index, the highest hunger in the world today is still found in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asian states. The common denominator in these regions is that the human population is very high, the average per capita annual income is low and the affected developing states face many problems and crises, which exacerbate the problem of hunger.

Matthias Mogge, secretary-general of the Welt Hunger Hilfe, said the countries in the world where hunger is now a tragedy for all of humanity include Somalia from Africa and Yemen from the Arab world. Somalia has been in turmoil for years, and years of war in Yemen have left a large part of the country’s population hungry.

Mogge said the factors that led to an increase in the world’s hunger problem last year included extreme weather, drought, an increase in catastrophic floods, and other climate change, but also Corona. The global epidemic caused by the virus also made the situation worse.

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