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Home » A Sex therapist calls Pedophiles ‘Minor Attracted Person’

A Sex therapist calls Pedophiles ‘Minor Attracted Person’

A sex Therapist in US calls Pedophiles MAPs

There is a debate in America that some people are trying to show sympathy toward pedophiles. There is a section that wants that it is more appropriate to call pedophiles Minor Attracted Persons MAPs, ‘the term pedophile vilifies them’. ‘Whereas these are the people who need help so that incidents of child abuse can be stopped. ‘

In this episode, a video of a US licensed counselor and sex therapist is going viral in which she is advocating the use of the term MAPs for pedophiles. However, the video which has gone viral is incomplete. Throughout the video, this therapist says that she is not advocating for child abuse.

In the video which is viral, this therapist referred to Pedophiles as Minor Attracted person MAPs and said that “they are the most vilified folks in our country. Most people make incorrect assumptions about them without actually knowing much about them. These assumptions make harm and I am using the term MAPs to address them because Pedophile is vilified term.”

“And I’m doing this because the term pedophile has moved from being a diagnostic label to being a judgmental, hurtful insult that we hurl at people in order to harm them or slander them”

However, she clearly said that “attraction does not equal action, she is not advocating child abuse and is clearly advocating for pedophiles to get help in order to PREVENT child abuse.”

People in the US are opposing this sex therapist, by saying that it is an attempt to normalize pedophiles. “Pedophiles are criminals. They prey on innocent children. It is very dangerous to call such people a marginalized community.”

People of the LGBT community are also supporting this protest, saying that “pedophilia is not a sexual orientation. It is a mental disorder. It is wrong to associate it with the LGBT community.”

It finally happened. An “expert” tries to evoke sympathy for pedophiles by portraying them as victims of “harmful” “slander,” no doubt as part of the ongoing effort to normalize pedophilia & make it a protected sexual orientation. Have we hit the bottom of the slippery slope yet?


Let us tell you that pedophiles are those who commit sexual harassment of young children. There is a provision for severe punishment in such cases.

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