A beautiful story of Dave that tells Family isn’t always genetic

A Twitter user Jessie Renee on Wednesday shared her story which went viral on social media. In a series of tweets, Jessie Renee wrote, “How her mom dropped some drugs off and left her in the car and Dave’s love for her”. The Twitter thread has gone viral online. Now, netizens thought so too and showered love and pay tribute to Dave.

A beautiful story of Dave

As of this writing, the Tweet has been retweeted more than 12,400 times.

In a series of tweets “I want to tell a story. When I was in like 3rd grade, I went with my mom while she dropped some drugs off (yes, she was). Anyways. She left me in the car. This guys comes out to “watch” me and it’s just me and him. He looks over and asks. “You don’t know what a haiku is, do you?”

“I responded “yeah, it’s a traditional Japanese poem consisting of 3 lines and in the pattern of 5-7-5 syllables.” I remember I had just written one in class. He freaked out and told me I was the smartest person he has ever met. I was literally like 8” she further wrote.

Anyways. On that day he vowed to make sure I always made it to school. My mother was in her own world, doing and dealing drugs. When I tell you this guy drove me and picked me up so he KNEW I went everyday.. he literally did my homework with me.

“Love you Dave. Thank you for teaching me how to change a tire, replace my brakes, watching every episode of the Simpson’s with me, saving my life literally countless times.. always said “you can have a good life in spite of your mom, or a bad 1 bc of her”. I chose the good life” she added.

Netizens reaction

Well, netizens thought so too and showered love and pay tribute to Dave.

Thank you for sharing your story about you and Dave. You two were meant to be in each other’s lives. I’m so glad you had each other. I know you will miss him and I’m sorry he won’t be with you here anymore, but you’ll see him again. He’s probably in your soul group.

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