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5 Ways to Protect Your Smartphone from Heat

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Ground Report | New Delhi: Protect Smartphone from Heat; Hot weather is set in all regions of India. It harms not only people, but also technology. Rising temperatures and the scorching sun usually put you in a good mood, but summer is a challenge for almost all smartphones. While your smartphone generates a lot of heat while charging or performing certain processor-intensive tasks, the heat from the sun alone is more than enough to heat your handset.

Do not leave your smartphone in the sun. 

It often happens that when working in the garden or coming to the beach, people leave their smartphone lying somewhere nearby so as not to miss an important call or notification. Being in direct sunlight is very harmful to the gadget. First, the battery overheats, which can lead to further failure. 

And secondly, most modern gadgets are equipped with displays using AMOLED technology – they can burn out in direct sunlight – for example, if you use a messenger for a long time under the sun, a keyboard may be imprinted on the screen – it will be visible even when you are not typing. And this is a very unpleasant problem that can be solved solely by replacing the display, which can cost a pretty penny.


Do not keep your device in a case. 

When the gadget is in the case in direct sunlight, it overheats even more than if it were lying without it. Therefore, if you want to use your smartphone in hot places, remove the cover. This is especially worth doing if you have a dark colored case.

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Do not overload your smartphone. 

While performing a resource-intensive task (games, watching movies, etc.), the smartphone heats up. And if it heats up even during hot weather, then this is a “double blow” for technology. Therefore, never play resource-intensive games while sunbathing on the beach.

Do not charge your smartphone. 

Charging your smartphone in direct sunlight is a very bad idea. As with gaming, this can lead to devise failure at worst or battery replacement at best (Protect Smartphone from Heat).


Do not use your smartphone if the cellular signal is poor, or turn on airplane mode. 

When the gadget does not catch the network well, the faster the battery is discharged. According to Samsung engineers, this is due to the fact that the transmitter of the device is forced to operate at higher power in order to maintain a connection to the network. And when the smartphone also heats up from the sun, it greatly damages the battery.

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