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5 hottest series on Netflix, if you liked ‘Sex/life’

netflix series like sex life

Ground Report | New Delhi: 5 sexiest series on Netflix; If there is a series that we have been talking about for weeks in Spain, that is ‘Sex / Life’. As someone who does not want the thing, this American Netflix project has undoubtedly become one of the favorites of the summer.

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5 sexiest series on Netflix

The Five Juanas

Five women with the same birthmark set out to unravel the truth about their pasts and discover a tragic web of lies spun by a powerful politician. Good plot, good acting, it’s a mystery, drama series with good thought out storylines. It’s a sexy mystery drama series from Mexico. Even thought it’s 18 episodes long, every episode is interesting and you want to keep watching further.

Dark desire Season 1

An option in keeping with the sexual mysteries of Sex / Life. This series follows the story of Alma, a young married woman who one day decides to spend a weekend away from home, thus igniting her passion for someone else, although the fun may not last long.

Dark Desire Season 2

Over a year after Oscuro Deseo landed on the platform, Netflix announced the 2022 date for the new and final chapter in the tale of love, betrayal, obsession and murder. Yes, season 2 will be the last and release on Feb 2.

The affair

It has the same intensity as Sex / Life since it is based on the story of two love affairs of the leading couples and the breakdown of their marriages. The psychological effects, the irresistible loves, and the forbidden ones are the key points of the success of this fiction.


Despite being focused on the adolescent world, the intensity and intimacy of the new season fully coincide with Sex / Life. The protagonists are members of the most prestigious institute in Madrid, they enjoy life when the adults are not around. A fact: the romantic and charming side is balanced with a dark part. All 4 seasons of this series are hot.

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Tiny Pretty Things

It is a completely romantic story with some points in common with Sex / Life. After an attack brings down the star student at a ballet school, her replacement enters a world of lies, betrayal and cutthroat competition. This is hottest teen drama on netflix.

Sex / Life, second season

True to form, Netflix did not confirm the continuation of the series in advance. But everything seems to indicate that this section will arrive since it is among the ten most viewed content on the platform in recent months.

The site Fotogramas estimates that, following the rhythms of the platform, it would not be strange if the continuation arrives in the second section of 2022.

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