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5 Most Popular Music Apps in India

5 Most Popular Music Apps in India

Ground Report | New Delhi: Popular Music Apps in India; As we are moving forward in our lives, the only best friends we are left with are Music and Books. People come and People Go, but Books, as well as Music, become a part and parcel of our life knowingly and unknowingly too. 

Here we bring you a list of the few most popular music apps in India, loved by all of us. Look how the times have evolved, from saving up memory and downloading the mp3 songs on the phone to downloading just an app and you are good to go. We don’t even need any separate space. These apps have become a library with millions of songs all over the world and even in recent times, podcasts and audiobooks can also be found on the music apps.


Spotify is unarguably the best music app in India right now, with one of the largest catalogues available for streaming and a fantastic song recommendation algorithm. There is a free version and a Rs 129/month premium version. In contrast to the US free tier, which only allows you to listen to music in shuffle mode, the free tier allows you to listen to any song at any time.

  1. Jio Saavn – Music for every mood. It’s the app, not the season.

This music streaming app has been renamed JioSaavn after merging with Jio Music. Because it means the rainy season in Hindi, the name is very much associated with music. The business model is freemium, with premium plans beginning at $99 per month. Premium plans include free music streaming and offline playback, as well as a 90-day trial period. There are also podcasts and radio streaming options.

  1. Youtube Music

At the moment, it’s probably the biggest threat to other music streaming apps in India. The ability to play both video and music in the same app is YouTube music’s biggest selling point.Based on the user’s music streaming history, the algorithm is beautifully designed to provide the best recommendations.

  1. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is the most popular music streaming service for new artists all over the world to get noticed, so you’ll never get tired of listening to old songs. It also includes the collection’s most popular songs. SoundCloud, like Spotify, learns your music preferences and tailors your music feed accordingly.

  1. Amazon Prime Music – Free with Amazon Prime

One of the features that Amazon prime members enjoy along with Amazon Prime Video and Delivery is Amazon Prime Music. It comes in a full package and is going to be one of the biggest revolutions in the upcoming times.Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant, is also integrated with the app to improve search results and user experience.

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