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488 deaths in India during Covid vaccination drive

Covid19 Vaccine

An analysis of vaccination data reveals that serious side effects have been observed in one in every 10,000 people who have been vaccinated

Ground Report | New Delhi: Vaccines are being implemented across the country to beat both these coronavirus epidemics. According to the government data prepared on the side-effects of vaccination, 488 people have died and 26,200 people have seen serious side effects after vaccination so far across the country.

According to government data collected by CNN-News18, 235 million vaccine doses have been administered from January 16 to June 7 across the country. Out of these, 26,200 people have had serious side effects after vaccination i.e. Adverse Event Following Immunization (AEFI) and 488 people have died. The percentage of serious side-effects as a proportion of total vaccinations has been only 0.01 percent. In such a situation, it is very less according to the mega vaccination campaign.

An analysis of vaccination data reveals that serious side effects have been observed in one in every 10,000 people who have been vaccinated. Similarly, out of every 10 lakh people who got the vaccine, two people have died.

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According to the data of the Union Health Ministry, out of the total 26,200 serious side effects that were reported after getting the vaccine, the highest 94 percent i.e. 24,703 cases were of Covidshield.In contrast, only 1,497 cases of side effects have been reported after the introduction of Covaxin. However, the percentage of side effects in both vaccines has been 0.01 percent. So far 21 crore doses of Covishield and 2.5 crore doses of Covaxin have been given across the country.

What are AEFI cases?

There are three types of AEFI cases. Common and minor AEFI cases include injection site pain, swelling, fever, and irritability. Similarly, in severe AEFI, the problem is not long-term, but the problem is more. There is severe pain, swelling, and fever. Similarly, in very severe AEFI, the patient needs to be hospitalized and there is a risk of death or permanent disability.

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According to the data, a total of 488 people have died due to the side effects that came after vaccination. These include 301 men and 178 women. Similarly, the gender of nine people has not been disclosed. Of those who lost their lives due to severe side effects, 457 people were given Covishield supplements, while 20 people were given Covaxin supplements. Similarly, information about the vaccine of 11 dead could not be found.

According to government data, where 10,287 men had serious side effects after vaccination, the number stood at 15,909 in women. So far 10.91 crore men and 9.30 crore women have been given vaccine doses under the vaccination campaign in India. It is clear that women are more affected. Similarly, four cases of serious side-effects have been reported among transgenders. A total of 35,000 doses have been administered to transgenders so far.

According to the CoWin portal, twenty-one crore doses of Covishield were used between January 16, the day COVID-19 vaccines began in India, and June 7. This Covaxin number is comparatively very low, two and a half crore.

Cases of AEFI are adverse medical events that occur after vaccination. Without a doubt, they do not necessarily have a causal relationship with the use of vaccines, according to the Union Ministry of Health. The cases of AEFI are of three types. Common and minor cases of AEFI include fever, pain, and swelling at the injection site or irritability.


At the next level (severe), these cases do not lead to long-term problems, but they can be disabling. They include pain and swelling, extending beyond the nearest joint, or even a high fever. Severe cases of AEFI are conditions that require hospitalization or that result in death or disability.

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