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3 colour Twitter verified batch, who gets what?

3 colour Twitter verified batch, who gets what?

Twitter, run by Elon Musk, is shaking up its verification system. Instead of a checkmark, there are now multi-coloured checkmarks to indicate different things.

We will briefly explain what the Twitter verification badges mean, as they now have three different colours. All of this may be somewhat confusing for some users who are used to the simplicity that has existed until now.

We will try to clarify the meaning of these verification checks, also indicating the differences that exist within the blueprints. To do this, we will explain each colour and each variant to you separately and in an understandable way.

What do the blue checks mean?

Blue verification badges are those that verify the authenticity of accounts, although they can be of three different types depending on whether you are notorious, have had notoriety, or have paid for it.

The blue check mark can indicate one of two things: either that a user’s account has been verified using Twitter’s previous verification standards (active, notable, and authentic), or that the user has an active subscription to Twitter Blue, the company’s new subscription.

Image Credits: Twitter

The active, notable, and legitimate criteria that were applied in the previous process will not be reviewed for accounts that get the blue checkmark under a Twitter Blue subscription.

What does Gold check mean?

The yellow or gold badge is used to verify official company or media accounts on Twitter. For a time an officer tag was added to these accounts, but now that tag has been replaced with a badge of this yellow colour.

Government accounts (institutional accounts, elected or appointed officials, and multilateral organizations), certain political organizations such as political parties, commercial companies, including business partners, major brands, media and publishers, and certain other public figures receive official profile designation.

Image Credits: Twitter

Accounts with this badge will still be verified, but companies or media are singled out so as not to confuse them with other notorious users or who have paid Twitter Blue to be notorious. If you enter the profile and click on the badge, a window will open telling you its meaning, although at the moment this badge colour only has one.

What does Grey check mean?

This newly introduced secondary tick is a way to certify certain profiles, such as government, political party, media and brand accounts. Twitter also says it applies to “certain other public figures” without any specifics. The official checkmark apparently serves the same purpose as the legacy verification system. But it may exist next to a blue or gold check mark.


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