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10 Most Horrible Ways of Punishment-A-Death

Today, demands arise to abolish capital punishment completely. But there was a time when these punishments were not only very common, but also very gruesome. See, 10 most terrible ways to punish-a-death.


This method was most commonly used in the Roman Empire. Jesus Christ was also given a similar death sentence. Nails were thrown into the hands and feet to die by hanging them on the wood.

In the belly of the bull

This terrible method was invented under the rule of dictator Akgaragas in Sicily. A metal bull was made. The convict was locked in his stomach and set on fire. When his screams came out of the bull’s mouth, it seemed as if the bull has a voice.

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Cut in the middle

This method was once used in England. The person was dragged to the place of punishment. Then it was cut in the middle of the legs.

Colombian tie

In Colombia and some other countries of South America, a person’s throat was cut from the front and his tongue was pulled and then he was tied to a tree.

Burn alive

In 1937, Japanese soldiers punished the Chinese. There are many examples of this punishment in history when prisoners were burnt alive.

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Japanese warrior samurai used this method. They used to cut out his intestines with his hand and when he started suffering, one of his companions would hit him on the head.

Ling Chi

In China, this punishment was banned in the 20th century. The organs of the convicted were cut off one by one. And it was kept alive for maximum time.

Catherine Wheel

Every other person in the world lost income during the plague, The convict was put on a wheel and the executioner beat him while rolling it. His bones were broken and he slowly died.

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Tied with bamboo

This punishment was given in Asian areas. The bamboo tree grows about one foot daily. The convicted was tied on top of that tree. Bamboo grew and penetrated his body.

Spanish paws

The decorated person’s skin was taken off by these sharp iron weapons like cat’s claws. Death was usually due to infection in those villages.

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