Why YouTube removed Dr Israr Ahmed Official Channel?

Ground Report | New Delhi: YouTube has removed Dr Israr Ahmed official YouTube channel. The channel had 2.9 million subscribers, 351.2 million views and 3,916 videos. The channel was a great source of knowledge for Muslims.

A Jewish news agency thejc is celebrating this move as a victory. According to the media outlet, YouTube eventually succumbed to their pressure and closed the channel.

Hassan revealed that the website hosted and did not remove anti-Semitic videos and even ignored moderators’ warnings to remove them.

He said Malik Faisal Akram, from Blackburn, UK, had seen clips on the site before flying to Texas and taking four hostages at the Beth Israel synagogue on January 15.

Three of the terrorist’s friends admitted this week that he had been radicalized by watching Pakistani hate preacher Israr Ahmed online.

Hassan said he, too, was ignored when he bookmarked clips revealing the killing of tour guide Eli Kay by Hamas’s Fadi Abu Shkaydam in Jerusalem on November 21.

He said bosses told him they couldn’t take them down because the makers of the videos weren’t on YouTube’s banned list and no terrorist logos were displayed.

Hassan, who worked to extinguish extremist Arabic-language material on the site until January, told the Jewish Chronicle: “YouTube’s policy is a farce.”

YouTube’s policies say: ‘Hate speech is not allowed on YouTube. We remove content that promotes violence or hate against individuals or groups.’

A spokesperson added: “Content that promotes violence or hatred against the Jewish community is not allowed on YouTube.

“Each quarter, we remove tens of thousands of videos that violate our hate speech policies.

‘After review, we terminated 1 channel and removed 10 videos for violating our community guidelines.

“Our review is ongoing and we are committed to taking appropriate steps to ensure that YouTube is not a place for those who seek to do harm.” Crisp has not yet commented.

YouTube told the JC that “upon review, we removed the channels belonging… to Israr Ahmad for violating our policies on hate speech, and eleven other videos were removed as a result of this circumvention or for violating our policies on violent extremism.” and hate speech.

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  1. Lies. Dr Israr Ahmad never promoted hate speech against any community. He talked about love and the way muslims should live their lives. The tragedy that youtube has commited will never be forgotten.

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