Why Parzania movie was Banned? netizens ask

Ground Report | New Delhi: Parzania movie; Last week, The Gujarat government has announced that Vivek Agnihotri’s film The Kashmir Files will be tax-exempt in the state. Gujarat Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel confirmed the news on social media. Earlier, the film was also declared tax free in Haryana. Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh.

Reacting to the news, netizens on social media mentioned the reception given to the films Parzania and Firaaq.

One user Dax Patel tweeted, “1.PARZANIA: Inspired by a true story, a Parsi couple attempt to find their son who tragically went missing in Gujarat Riots. 2.FIRAAQ: People who were victims and silent observers during the chaos, find themselves deeply affected in a way that changes their lives forever.”

Parzania movie

Another user tweeted, Had watched this way back in 2008. Gut wrenching. Fact is we can’t change our history. Riots and genocides have happened with every community. But woe in hell to those who stir up the past, and use it to divide our society for political gains.

Journalist Rana Ayyub tweeted, “Gujarat theatre owners ban the screening of the film, Parzania made on the 2002 genocide after right wing fundamentalists attacked cinema halls. Govt of Gujarat led by Shri Shri Modi looked the other way.”

Another user tweeted, I don’t want ‘Kashmir Files’ to be banned, anywhere. But, Why was ‘Parzania’ banned in Gujarat? Are narratives of some kinds of violence against some minority communities more acceptable than narratives about other kinds of violence against other minority communities?

Another user tweeted, Fore those woke people who are saying ‘Congress Sarkar Hoti toh #TheKashmirFiles ban ho jati. Parzania is based on 2002 Gujarat. Go watch and see their Hipocracy level.

“I love it when they say we will make a film on Gujarat Files. After making Firaq, Parzania, Chand Bujh Gaya, 2002 Gujarat Riots the Final Solution, and certain others now they want to make one more film Gujarat Files. Great Go Ahead, but the point is will you get an audience?” another user tweeted.

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